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Multi-Grid Hamster Feeding Bowl


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This delicate crafted hamster food dish provides an exciting addition to your pet’s habitat, providing a more fun and challenging foraging experience. It can also be used for decoration, adding a unique touch to your hamster’s living space. Ideal for hamster owners looking for foraging toys.

Product name: Hamster forager
Product color: wood color
Product size: about 16x13x4.3cm/6.3×5.12×1.69 inches
Product weight: 320g
Product material: rubber wood

1 x hamster food bowl

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1.Foraging Fun Bowl: Give your furry friend a hide-and-seek adventure with this hamster food bowl. With interactive foraging toys, it helps relieve stress, overcome boredom, and enhances intelligence in pets.

2.Revamp Your Pet’s Space: Improve your hamster’s habitat with this decorative food bowl that doubles as a stylish addition to their living space. Featuring a clear texture with a soft and uniform color, it provides both visual and tactile satisfaction for your pet.

3.Multi-grid design: Elevate your hamster’s foraging experience with our multi-hole food bowl, providing various compartments to store a variety of snacks and veggies, making their meals fun and stimulating.

4.Healthy and safe: Made of natural rubber wood, this hamster food bowl has delicate craftsmanship and a polished and smooth surface that will not hurt your pet’s teeth and claws.

5.Widely used: Delight your hamster, guinea pig, birds, and small pet with this food bowl. Made of excellent wooden, it is sturdy and durable. for Hamster Hedgehog Guinea Pig Sugar Glider Gerbil Mice

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