About Us

Providing the Highest Quality Products for Pets & Their Humans

In our home, it has always been about pets.  The more, the merrier!  We have one time had a dog, 4 cats, a hamster, a gerbil, a canary, 4 budgies, 6 fish, 4 chinchillas – for a total of 22 animals, all simultaneously!.  And don’t let me forget to add the rabbit.  My wife has huge affection for animals, so much so that the naturopath once told me “Don’t ever take away all her animals. it will kill her!”

Best Quality With The Best Materials

So, we know pets.  And what it cost to keep them. Therefore, for the pleasure they give, our goal is to provide you with what you need to keep these walking, squawking, nibbling bundles of happiness as cost effectively as possible.  Because everyone deserves to be loved.
Our vision? It is simple – see every household having at least one pet and having it affordable. Because you deserve their affection…right on the nose!