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4-in-1 Electric Interactive Toys with Ball


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1. 4-in-1 cat toy: cat toy combines a cat feather toy, automatic cat laser pointer, rotating ball, and negative ion purification. Different cat-chasing toys will bring double unlimited fun to your pet. Train your cat's hunting, biting and scratching, and running instincts while playing. The size is 9.8*10*14CM.

2. 4 Interactive Modes and Automatic Shutoff: Our cat toy adopts 3 automatic rotation modes – slow, fast, random, and 2 small ball interactive modes. After working in any mode for 30 minutes, the cat toy will automatically turn off. Prevent the cat's transitional fatigue and control the transitional stimulation of the cat, and keep the freshness of playing with toys.

3. Adjustable height and cat teasing feathers: Our cat toy is equipped with a support rod on the top, adopts a storage design, and the height can be adjusted, suitable for cats of different sizes. The product is equipped with 3 kinds of cat teasing tools: ribbons and feathers. Each ribbon and feather is equipped with a bell to increase the interaction and curiosity of the cat. At the same time, the top of the cat toy can adjust the angle range of the cat laser toy up and down.

4. Negative ion purification: The product has a built-in negative ion generator, which generates negative ions after being powered on. When the negative ions work, they are ultra-quiet and noiseless, and will not disturb the cat's play. The 800W/cm3 negative ion concentration can reduce the dust and particles in the air around the cat toy. Relieve cat's respiratory problems after playing and prevent cat rhinitis. Let your cat enjoy a more comfortable space in a clean environment.

5. USB charging, strong stability – Comes with a USB charging cable, easy to charge. Built-in 1200mA rechargeable lithium battery, no need to replace the battery. After fully charged, the cat toys can work for a long time. It is convenient for you to carry it out and use it at home. The product is made of impact-resistant, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant ABS material, which is strong and durable. The 4PCS detachable non-slip base bracket can prevent cat toys from falling over when cats are playing. Strong stability. Standard configuration: instruction manual+1. bell belt+3. USB cable+1. telescopic pole+1, support base bracket+4.

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